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Metal Formwork Release Agents

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● What is metal formwork release agent

Metal formwork release agents are a type of special coating or liquid used in the construction process. Their function is to facilitate the formation of a thin film between the concrete or other construction materials and the metal formwork, preventing adhesion and allowing the formwork to easily separate from the concrete surface. This article will introduce the definition, function, and importance of release agents in construction.

Metal formwork release agents play a crucial role in construction. They enhance construction efficiency, protect the quality of Metal formwork, and prolong its lifespan. However, there are still some misconceptions among construction workers regarding the understanding and application of release agents. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to provide readers with a comprehensive introduction to Metal formwork release agents, including their definition, function, types, application methods, and precautions. By emphasizing the importance and advantages of release agents, we aim to increase awareness among construction workers about their correct application and maximize their effectiveness in practical construction.

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● Why use release agents?

1. If the surface of metal formwork for concrete sticks to the concrete, it is likely to cause damage to the metal formwork.
2. If the strength of the concrete is weaker than metal formwork for concrete, some concrete surface layers may peel off and adhere to the metal formwork.

3. If the strength of the concrete is stronger than metal formwork for concrete, it may result in localized delamination of the metal formwork surface and adhere to the concrete.

Therefore, it is necessary to correctly use release agents for metal formwork before pouring concrete to avoid potential issues. Additionally, it is important to note that after concrete pouring, timely cleaning of the metal formwork is required to remove any residual concrete adhering to the surface and maintain the cleanliness and surface quality of metal formwork for concrete.

● Types of release agents

Concrete release agents are generally divided into two types: oil-based release agents and water-based release agents. metal formwork system recommends the use of water-based release agents.

★Water-based release agents: When using, they should be diluted with water according to a certain ratio, mixed well, and then sprayed.

1. Environmentally friendly: Compared to oil-based release agents, water-based release agents have less environmental pollution and a lower impact on the health of construction personnel.
2. Easy to clean: After use, water-based release agents can be easily cleaned with water without leaving oil stains on building metal formwork, making it convenient for subsequent maintenance and reuse.
3. Quick drying: Water-based release agents usually have a faster drying speed, which can shorten the construction period.

★Oil-based release agents: Oil-based release agents can be used directly. They are relatively expensive compared to water-based release agents, have safety hazards, and are less environmentally friendly.

1. Good anti-adhesion properties: Oil-based release agents can form a uniform and dense coating, effectively preventing the adhesion of concrete or other building materials.
2. Wide applicability: Oil-based release agents can be applied to various types of metal formwork material, such as aluminium and steel.
3. Strong durability: The coating of oil-based release agents is often long-lasting and can maintain good release effects even after multiple uses of metal formwork.
4. Good lubricity: Oil-based release agents have excellent lubricity, making rapid metal formwork detach smoothly and reducing the risk of damage.

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● How to use release agents
It is recommended to use water-based release agent for metal sheet formwork. The use of oil-based release agent is not recommended because it not only pollutes the reinforcement, but also makes the surface slippery and increases the risk of falls for workers, posing safety hazards. Shengzuo Group will now explain how to correctly apply release agent to metal deck formwork.

1.To ensure the effectiveness of the release agent, it is recommended to avoid operating under rainy weather conditions. If heavy rain occurs, it is suggested to take protective measures such as covering the surface of wood or metal formwork with rainproof cloth.

2.Before using release agent, please make sure that metal deck formwork is dry and free of foreign substances such as oil stains and rust marks. If these impurities exist, please remove them in a timely manner. At the same time, please pay attention to even application of the release agent, avoiding any missed spots to ensure its effectiveness.

3.Water-based release agent should be diluted with water at a ratio of 1:5-1:10, and must be stirred evenly before use. The release agent has certain lubrication properties, so care should be taken during construction to prevent falls. The diluted release agent should be used as soon as possible, and the opened or unused portion should be covered with a sealed lid to avoid contamination and affect its effectiveness. Note that oil-based release agents cannot be diluted with water.

4. The diluted solution with water should not exceed 24 hours, and if it exceeds the specified time, it must be re-mixed before use.

5. Apply directly by brushing, rolling, or spraying onto building metal formwork; the recommended dosage is 15-20㎡/kg for spraying.

6. When using, apply directly to metal formwork for concrete slab, allow natural drying for 10 to 30 minutes, and a semi-transparent rigid film will form, indicating that the concrete component can be poured.

7. Store the release agent in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight. It should be stored in a sealed container and has a shelf life of one year at normal temperature.

8. The release agent should not be applied too thickly to prevent the reinforcement from being contaminated. If it is washed away by heavy rain, the metal formwork for concrete columns that has already been applied with release agent needs to be reapplied to ensure the quality of the metal formwork.

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● Advantages of using release agents:

1. Reduce adherence of modular metal formwork: Release agents can form a coating when concrete or other building materials come into contact with metal sheet formwork, preventing adhesion. This helps to avoid modular metal formwork sticking to the concrete, reducing the risk of damage.

2. Increase reusability: Due to the easier separation between metal deck formwork and concrete, it can be easily dismantled for the next construction use, effectively prolonging the lifespan of metal deck formwork.

3. Enhance construction efficiency: The use of release agents can reduce the force and time required for metal formwork to detach from concrete, making demolding more convenient and swift. This will save construction time and improve workers' productivity.

4. Improve project quality: The application of release agents can decrease the friction between metal formwork for concrete slab and concrete, preventing damage and defects on the concrete surface. Moreover, release agents can protect the smoothness and aesthetics of the concrete surface, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the project.

5. Cost reduction: By using release agents, the reusability of rapid metal formwork increases, thereby reducing procurement and maintenance costs and decreasing the demand for rapid metal formwork. Additionally, the improved construction efficiency leads to a reduction in project duration and labor costs, positively impacting overall cost control.

Proper use of release agents not only effectively prevents adhesion between concrete and expanded metal formwork, but also prolongs the service life, improves the quality of the concrete surface, and enhances its durability. When applying release agents, it is necessary to choose a brand and specification that meets the requirements and use them reasonably according to specific usage and concrete types. At the same time, attention should be paid to avoiding excessive use of release agents, which can form residues on the metal mesh formwork and affect the hydration process of the concrete. Additionally, even application should be ensured to avoid creating spots or stains on the surface and affecting the aesthetic appearance of the building.

Therefore, choosing high-quality release agents and applying them correctly can not only ensure the smooth pouring of concrete and dismantling of modular metal formwork but also improve work efficiency and construction quality, laying a good foundation for subsequent decoration and use.

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