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Aluminium formwork construction safety requirements

aluminium formwork construction

Ensuring construction safety is of paramount importance in aluminium formwork construction as it not only relates to the safety of personnel and property but also directly impacts construction progress and project quality. Therefore, strict adherence to relevant safety regulations in aluminium formwork construction is essential, including wearing safety harnesses, using stable climbing tools, and installing protective barriers, to prevent accidents. Additionally, placing emphasis on civilized construction is crucial, ensuring a tidy and orderly site, adhering to labor disciplines, and enhancing construction efficiency and quality.

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● The Importance of Construction Safety:

Construction safety is the top priority in the construction industry and is crucial for ensuring the lives and physical well-being of workers. When using aluminium formwork in construction on-site, construction safety must be highly prioritized for the following reasons:

1. Personal safety: There are various potential risks and hazards in building construction, such as working at heights and falling objects. If the construction site lacks safety protection measures or improper operations, it may result in serious accidents causing injury or fatalities.

2. Impact on project quality: Safe construction directly affects the quality of the project. If there are safety hazards during construction, it may lead to a decrease in project quality, affecting the lifespan and safety of the aluminium formwork building.

3. Social responsibility: Construction companies should take social responsibility by providing a safe working environment for workers and actively promoting a culture of construction safety.

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● aluminium formwork construction safe construction principles

◆ Ensuring the Quality of Aluminium Formwork Panels:
1. To ensure that the quality of aluminium formwork panels meets relevant standards and specifications, it is recommended to choose T6061 aluminium alloy material as aluminium formwork profile. This type of aluminium alloy material possesses excellent strength and stability, meeting the requirements during aluminium formwork construction process and ensuring the safety and stability of the construction.
2. The aluminium formwork accessories such as bolts and connectors also need to ensure their reliable quality. it plays a crucial role in connecting and securing the formwork, ensuring the tightness and stability of the formwork connection.

◆Providing aluminium formwork construction technology training
1. Workers need to receive training in aluminium formwork construction technology, learning the correct methods of aluminium formwork installation and dismantling, load-bearing principles, safety operating procedures, etc.

2. Enhancing workers' awareness and understanding of construction safety, educating them to adhere to safety regulations and procedures, correctly using personal protective equipment, and understanding emergency response measures.

◆Implement strict aluminium formwork construction site management
1. Before the construction, establish a detailed construction plan, including aluminium formwork installation, dismantling. Clearly define responsibilities and arrange the construction schedule reasonably.
2. Assign professional supervisors to oversee and inspect the construction site throughout the process, ensuring that aluminium formwork construction meets regulatory requirements and promptly identifying and correcting safety issues during construction.

◆ Regular inspection and maintenance of aluminium formwork panels:
1. Regularly inspect aluminium formwork parts and support systems to ensure their integrity and absence of loosening, corrosion, and other safety hazards.
2. If any damage, deformation, or wear is detected on the formwork, promptly contact aluminium formwork manufacturers for repairs or replacements to ensure proper functionality and avoid any delays in the construction schedule.

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● aluminium formwork construction technology

Prior to conducting aluminium formwork in construction, it is crucial to receive professional guidance on aluminium formwork construction technology. This enables a comprehensive understanding of project characteristics and construction requirements, allowing for the early identification of potential safety risks and the implementation of corresponding safety measures. These measures ensure that construction personnel can work in a safe and organized environment, facilitating fast and efficient construction.
◆ Preparatory work before construction:
1. Ensure the structural integrity of aluminium formwork panels, without any damage or deformation, and capable of bearing the expected load.
2. Evaluate the bearing capacity of the construction foundation to ensure that it can support aluminium formwork panels and their loads.
3. Select appropriate support and fixation methods based on specific circumstances to ensure the stability and robustness of aluminium formwork panels. When choosing support methods, make a reasonable assessment based on factors such as the scale of the project, height, and shape of the structure, ensuring that the chosen solution can provide sufficient support.
◆Safe operation during construction
1. Construction personnel should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety helmets, safety shoes, and protective gloves, that meet the requirements.
2. Follow the established construction plan and erection sequence to ensure aluminium formwork construction is conducted safely and efficiently.
3. Control the density of personnel at the construction site to avoid crowding and confusion, ensuring safe and orderly construction.
4. Electrical connections at the construction site should be handled by electricians, and all construction machinery and electric tools must have proper grounding protection devices. Each machine should be operated by designated personnel, and non-professionals should not Install electrical wires.

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5. When working at heights, aluminium formwork parts must be placed in boxes or tool bags and must not be placed on the formwork or scaffolding. At the same time, tools such as wrenches must be hung on the body or placed in a tool bag to avoid accidental injuries caused by falling.

6. High-altitude operators are strictly prohibited from climbing on the formwork or walking on it.

7. When aluminium formwork panels is used in high-rise construction, lightning protection measures should be taken.

8. When installing wall and column formwork, it should be supported and fixed at all times to prevent collapse and ensure construction safety.

9. For reserved holes, elevator shafts, and other locations on the formwork, covers or protective barriers must be added, and safety nets should be installed at the opening if necessary to prevent the accidental falling of personnel or objects.

10. When installing aluminium formwork components, it should be calibrated in time, and temporary supports need to be added to ensure stability.

The detailed aluminium formwork construction process can be viewed in this article "Aluminium Formwork Installation".

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◆ Dismantling and Cleaning of aluminium formwork panels
1. Follow the prescribed dismantling methods and sequence to dismantle aluminium formwork panels to prevent accidents or damage to other components.
2. After dismantling, promptly clean the construction site, ensuring clear and safe access pathways by removing debris and fragments, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.
3. After dismantling, promptly use aluminium formwork cleaning chemicals to clean the formwork and store it in separate categories.
4. Aluminium formwork installation and dismantling operations must be carried out by at least two people. During the dismantling process, it should be transported at any time, and it is strictly prohibited to stack or throw it on the scaffolding. If there is a need to pause, the movable parts must be fixed securely first.
5. When aluminium formwork construction height exceeds 3.5 meters must be used scaffolding to ensure safety. During the operation, no one must stand below. At the same time, operators performing high-altitude work must wear safety belts to ensure personal safety.
6. Before dismantling aluminium formwork panels, approval must be obtained, and a dismantling notice issued by the construction technical staff of the project department must be obtained before starting the dismantling work. The adjustable aluminium formwork props must be removed at least 15 days later.

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● Significance of Safe aluminium formwork construction

1. Ensuring worker safety: aluminium formwork construction requires workers to wear personal protective equipment and strictly follow operational procedures. This effectively ensures the personal safety of workers at the construction site and reduces the risk of personnel injuries.

2. Improving construction efficiency and quality: Proper aluminium formwork installation can enhance construction efficiency and quality by reducing errors and repair time during construction.

3. Reducing the occurrence of construction accidents: By strictly adhering to aluminium formwork construction technology, the occurrence of construction accidents can be effectively reduced. Appropriate support and fixation methods, along with correct construction operations, can prevent unexpected incidents such as the tilting or collapse of aluminium formwork, thus protecting worker safety.

4. Minimizing environmental impact: Aluminium formwork construction technology requires standardized operations during dismantling and installing, along with timely cleaning of the construction site. This helps reduce pollution to the environment, such as debris and waste, while maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the surrounding construction area.

Overall, the significance and benefits of safe aluminium formwork construction lie in ensuring worker safety, improving construction efficiency and quality, reducing accident rates, and minimizing adverse environmental impacts. These measures contribute to establishing a safe, efficient, and sustainable construction environment.

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