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Aluminium formwork project

● What is aluminium formwork suitable for?

aluminium formwork

Aluminium formwork has features of lightweight, high stiffness and strong bearing capacity, the quality of aluminium formwork building structure is more stable. Aluminium formwork china is widely used in various types of construction, mainly including:

1. Residential and commercial building construction
The aluminium formwork system for sale is widely used in the high buildings, office buildings, subway stations, TV towers, and other large scales buildings construction structural systems. Aluminium shuttering (formwork) technology is suitable for various complicated concrete structures such as walls, columns, floor slabs, beams, staircases, door and window openings, and balcony parapets, forming a complete formwork system for concrete structures. The use of aluminium formwork in construction can improve the project construction speed, quality, and safety, and also reducing construction costs.

2. Bridge construction
Aluminium formwork shuttering can be used in the construction of various types of bridges, such as highways, railways, urban expressways, bridge tunnels, etc., aluminium formwork construction can enhance the strength and stability of building structures.

3. Tunnels, mines, and underground projects construction
Aluminium formwork set can be used in the construction of various types of tunnels, such as highway tunnels, railway tunnels, and municipal tunnels, etc. The advantages of aluminium formwork include: aluminium formwork weight is light, easy to assemble, and quick to removal, aluminium shuttering (formwork) technology is suitable for the complicated terrains and difficult construction conditions.

4. water engineering projects construction
Aluminium formwork technology can be used to build various types of water conservancy facilities, such as reservoir, hydroelectric power stations, sewage treatment plants, etc. Aluminium formwork components are green, environmentally and energy-efficient, Aluminium formwork construction technology can effectively reduce investment and construction costs and can promote the sustainable development of projects.

The aluminium formwork system has widely application ranges, aluminium formwork technology will be used more and more with the continuous development of technology.

● Aluminium formwork project

This part is a brief introduction to some of the projects built with aluminium formwork construction technology, for your reference. If you have projects such as house building, commercial building, office building, etc., please feel free to click WHATSAPP to contact us, we are willing to make the most economical and applicable aluminium formwork construction design for you. And we will make more introduction of aluminium formwork system in the following contents.

● What is aluminium formwork?

aluminium formwork construction

Aluminium formwork is a new type of green building formwork compared to steel formwork and wooden formwork. It is made by welding and forging aluminium alloy. Aluminium formwork (连 is a formwork system formed based on the architectural drawings marked dimensions, which is made by aluminium formwork profile manufactured by extrusion with specialized equipment with specific module design. The aluminium formwork materials are all renewable.

The aluminium formwork system has features such as high construction efficiency, short and stable construction period, high aluminium formwork slab cycle, low cost, good stability, high load-bearing capacity, wide application range, good concrete forming effect, safer on-site construction, high recycling value, high universality, low dependence on skilled workers installation techniques, and low vertical transportation costs, etc.

The buildings which use aluminium formwork technology has high dimensional accuracy and concrete molding pass rate. The new aluminium formwork design makes the construction become easier. The assemble and removal between aluminium formwork panels and aluminium formwork components are convenient and easy, greatly improve the construction efficiency and lower the labor cost.

bridge tunnels, etc., aluminium formwork construction can enhance the strength and stability of building structures.

● Components of aluminium formwork

After introducing the aluminium formwork definition, let’s see the components of aluminium formwork . The aluminium formwork system currently used in the construction of concrete pouring structures is mainly composed of four aluminium formwork components: aluminium formwork panels (standard aluminum formwork and non standard aluminum formwork), supporting system, connection parts and fastening parts.

● Aluminium formwork panels are the load-bearing formwork that directly contact with new poured concrete, such as aluminium wall formwork, aluminium formwork for slab, kicker in aluminium formwork, aluminium formwork beams, aluminium formwork staircase, etc. They form the enclosed surface required for concrete structure construction to ensure the building structure forming during the concrete pouring.

● Supporting system is the temporary structure that supports the aluminium formwork panels, concrete and construction loads, such as top aluminium formwork props, slanted aluminium formwork props, aluminium formwork bracket, etc. to ensure the aluminium formwork shuttering structure can be firmly assembled without deformation or damage.

● Connection parts are aluminium formwork accessories that used to connect the aluminium formwork panelsand supporting system into a whole. Such as aluminium formwork wedge pin, bolts and so on.

● Fastening parts are used to provent the aluminium formwork parts deformation during the concrete pouring, and ensure the aluminium formwork in construction no expansion explosion.

aluminium formwork system

● Advantages of aluminium formwork

Compare to traditional construction formwork, aluminium formwork has absolute economic, environmental and construction advantages.

In terms of construction technology, aluminium formwork has multiple advantages:
● Light aluminium formwork weight, reduce the crane cost and construction accidents.
The weight of aluminium formwork is around 20-25kg per square meter, which is the lightest of the metal formworks. The aluminium formwork set can be assembled and transported manually, not dependent on lifting machinery, can reduce the crane cost. And the aluminium formwork construction does not require nails, this can avoid hurting worker’s hands and feet, better protect the safety of construction workers, and reduce the accidents.

● Aluminium formwork panels have less seams, reduce the dimensional errors, improve the aluminium formwork installation accuracy.
Aluminium formwork panels have large formats, so the seams are less and the dimensional errors also small, it is high in aluminium formwork installation accuracy, the common construction problems (such as pitted surfaces, exposed tendons, honeycombs, holes, etc.) are also not easy to happen.

● The aluminium formwork construction is convenient and easy to assemble.
The assembly of aluminium formwork for sale is very convenient and easy, it can be completely assembled manually, or assemble to pieces and then hoist the pieces mechanically. You can click here to view more introduction about aluminium formwork installation and dismantling.

aluminium formwork Malaysia

● High aluminium formwork slab cycle times, reduce the aluminium formwork material cost.
The aluminium formwork for sale can be repeatedly, if construction is standardized, the aluminium formwork repetition is over 300 times, if has good maintenance, the aluminium formwork slab cycle can reach 500-1000 times. The unit aluminium formwork price per square meter is much lower. And also you can reduce unit aluminium formwork panels cost through aluminium formwork rental.

● The construction surface is smooth and clean, reduce the plastering cost.
Aluminium formwork set can ensure the construction quality, reduce the dependence on technical level of skilled workers. The aluminium formwork construction effect is good, dimensions are accurate. After remove the aluminium formwork shuttering, the concrete surfaces are smooth and clean, can reach or close to the effect of fair-faced concrete wall, reduce or eliminate the secondary plastering work, can directly enter the interior decoration stage, reduce the plastering cost for constructors.

advantage of aluminium formwork

● Short construction period, save labor cost.
Aluminium formwork construction technology has low requirement on workers, using aluminium formwork system for sale can make more common workers join in and solve the problem of worker (especially carpentry) shortage. Aluminium formwork construction is 2-3 times faster than other normal formwork construction. aluminium formwork construction technology can pour the concrete as a whole and formed in one time, to shorten the construction period (usually 4 to 5 days per floor), and enhance the whole strength and extend the life of the buildings.

● Strong load-bearing ability, ensure the construction safety.
After the aluminium formwork set is assembled, it forms a whole framework, the load-bearing ability reach 30-40KN per square meter, greatly improve the resistance to collapse and overturning.

● Early formwork removal technology, reduce cost.
The aluminium formwork set adopts early formworks removal technology, can finish the complete building construction with 1 aluminium formwork setand 3 or 4 supporting system set.

● Few aluminium formwork props, the construction site is easy to manage.
The aluminium formwork construction technology adopts independent support, with a spacing of 1200mm, the construction site has less aluminium formwork props, operation space is big, people walk and materials transportation are smooth, the site is easy to manage.

● The aluminium formwork material does not catch fire or rust, reduce the safety hazards and material loss. The enhanced aluminium formwork won’t catch fire, so the construction site has no safety risk of fire. The aluminium formwork material also no rust and is corrosion resistance, make it is easy to store.

aluminium formwork methodology

In terms of environmental protection, the aluminium formwork advantages mainly includes:

● high recycling value, repeated use.
The aluminium formwork system has high recycling value, this greatly reduces the aluminium formwork cost and unit construction cost, the loss rate is almost 0, in the aluminium formwork system, standard aluminium formwork components take around 80% of all components of aluminium formwork, if using correctly, aluminium formwork slab cycle can reach 300 times, and as professional aluminium formwork manufacturers, we can do aluminium formwork refurbishment for you during the usage, and the recycle rate can reach 30%, this can greatly lower your unit construction cost.

● Energy saving and environmental protection, reduce construction waste and pollution.
The on-site aluminium formwork construction materials are factory-processed in fixed lengths and quantities, don’t have aluminium formwork scrap, this reduce the construction waste during the structure construction. And the aluminium formwork technology cancel the painting process, this reduces the dusty of the construction site. Aluminium formwork construction technology is easy to achieve the civilized construction at sites, the construction site is clean and tidy, and there will be lot of waste like wooden formwork construction.

If you have interest, you can click to view aluminium formwork vs conventional formwork , aluminium formwork vs steel formwork, to know more about the comparison between aluminium formwork and other construction formwork.

● Aluminium formwork design calculation

The aluminium formwork design is based on the construction drawings, aluminium formwork supplier or aluminium formwork companies tidy the detailed aluminium formwork drawing required for aluminium formwork design, after the project manager confirm the aluminium formwork info, the aluminium formwork system manufacturer can do aluminium formwork design calculation and count the cost of aluminium formwork, and the aluminium formwork can be matched. The aluminium formwork set matching process is to match the formworks of corresponding specifications according to the dimensions that marked in the structure and height direction and the elevation shown in the detailed aluminium formwork drawing, aluminium formwork design software can be used to assist. After match and assembly is completed, calculate the aluminium formwork details and finally form aluminium formwork checklist for production, aluminium formwork drawings for production, aluminium formwork checklist for packing, and aluminium formwork drawings for assembly.

● Aluminium formwork where to buy

From the definition of aluminium formwork, we know the aluminium formwork material is extruded aluminum profiles. At present, China is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of extruded aluminum profiles in global, aluminium formwork china has obvious aluminium advantages. Therefore, compared with korean aluminium formwork, aluminium formwork manufacturers in Mumbai,aluminium formwork manufacturers in india (such as aluminium formwork in pune, aluminium formwork manufacturers in Hyderabad, aluminium formwork manufacturers in Bangalore, aluminium formwork manufacturers in delhi ncr, etc.), aluminium formwork Singapore, aluminium formwork supplier in Malaysia, aluminium formwork Australia, aluminium formwork system manufacturers in china are the best aluminium formwork manufacturers, they can provide good quality aluminium formwork to the market and users with competitive price of aluminium formwork.

aluminium formwork manufacturers

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