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● What is Aluminium Formwork?

Aluminum formwork is a new generation of building formwork made of integrally extruded aluminum alloy profiles. The aluminum formwork system is composed of four major systems: formwork system, connection system, supporting system and fastening system. It has a complete set of universal accessories and can be assembled into an integral formwork of different sizes and shapes.

Aluminium Formwork

Aluminium Formwork

The aluminum formwork is made up of panels, slab formwork system, wall formwork system, beam formwork system,,ribs, main profiles, flat formwork, corner formwork, and early disassembly devices. Aluminium formwork design and aluminium formwork construction represent a revolution in formworks technology for concrete engineering and a reflection of the industrialization of construction technology.

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Aluminum formwork has the characteristics of high construction efficiency, short construction period, high versatility and reuse rate, low use cost, good stability, high bearing capacity, wide application range, good concrete forming effect, and low vertical transportation costs. More than 90% of the aluminum formwork of the project is standardized, mass-produced, and industrially produced, with outstanding cost advantages; the concrete wall poured with aluminum formwork has high precision and can effectively prevent hollowing, cracking, etc., do not need for later wall plastering processes. It can directly enter the interior decoration stage, making the construction site cleaner and more environmentally friendly and reducing construction costs.

● Our Advantages

• Provide various optional aluminum formwork construction solutions
Through communication, we will recommend a variety of feasible aluminum formwork construction solutions to you. You can choose the suitable solution based on your specific conditions (such as construction budget, construction period, etc).

• Economical and reasonable construction solution design
According to the type of construction solution you choose, we will design the most economical and reasonable aluminum formwork construction solution for you based on your construction drawings and your requirements, and estimate the amount of aluminum formwork and cost budget to provide you the basis for purchasing decisions.

• Trial assembly and refined partition packaging
Before shipment, the templates are trial assembled in the factory and adjusted in time to ensure the accuracy of the user's construction. Number the formworks and pack them into fine partitions so that users can quickly and accurately identify and organize the templates in each area to improve assembly efficiency and accuracy.

• Installation guide
You don’t need to worry about the installation and use of aluminum formwork, because after you buy our aluminum formwork, we can send technicians to your local to provide installation guidance and train your workers, to help them successfully master the skills and precautions of the aluminum formwork construction. This can ensure that your project can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

• High overall benefits
Aluminium formwork weight is light, and the assembly and disassembly speed is fast, which saves manpower, shortens the construction period, reduces the transportation and handling costs of materials, and reduces the usage time of tower cranes.
No plastering is required on the surface, which can save labor costs and eliminate the need for external wall waterproofing and internal wall hole-filling processes. This reduces the removal and processing costs of construction waste and lowers the aluminium formwork panels cost. Aluminium formwork productivity is high, and it only takes about four days to build one floor.

• High overall benefits
The aluminium formwork design is advanced, offering high flatness and verticality, and there will be no problems of mold explosion or bulging. It effectively solves the leakage problems of external walls, doors and windows, bathrooms, etc., and reduces the common building quality problem of wall cracking.

• safety construction
Construction safety is ensured because of the convenient assembly and disassembly, which reduces the safety hazards for workers. By reducing on-site hoisting, the risk of hoisting drops is lowered. Since on-site cutting is not required, the safety hazards during the construction process are reduced.

• Provide aluminum formwork management system
We will provide our customers with an aluminum formwork management system. With this system, you can check the specifications, quantity and application location of the formwork by scanning the QR code or entering the formwork number. This will help you to more easily understand the use of the formwork, which is greatly helpful to the installation of aluminum formwork, and also can improve construction efficiency and management efficiency.

More importantly, when you want to purchase aluminum formwork for other projects, you can enter the required formwork specifications and quantity based on the new project formwork construction drawings, and then compare it with the previous formwork data, and then you can get the information about the aluminum formwork that needs to be purchased additionally for the new project, This allows your aluminum formwork can be truly reused multiple times, saving investment and construction costs for you.

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● Advantages of aluminum formwork:

1. Lightweight and high strength: shuttering material is made of aluminum alloy, which has a lower density and higher strength, making it lightweight and rigid. Compared to plastic formworks and steel shuttering, shuttering material is more lightweight and easy to transport and install, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

2.Easy processing and assembly: Aluminum formwork can be customized and processed according to specific requirements, adapting to different building structures and shapes. Its modular design and connection system make the aluminium formwork construction process more convenient and efficient, improving construction efficiency.

3. High efficiency and energy-saving: aluminium shuttering has excellent thermal conductivity, allowing heat to be quickly and evenly conducted, resulting in more uniform concrete solidification. Additionally, the smooth surface of aluminium shuttering reduces friction between the concrete and panel formwork, minimizing damage to the concrete during formwork removal and increasing the reusability of system formwork.

4. Durable and reliable: alu formwork exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, allowing it to withstand heavy loads. It has a long service life and, with proper maintenance, can be used repeatedly, reducing construction costs.

5. Safe and environmentally friendly: aluminium system formwork uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials that do not have harmful effects on construction workers or the environment. The surface coating and anti-corrosion treatment enhance the fire resistance and weatherability of the formwork, providing higher construction safety.

6. Aesthetic effect: The surface of aluminium formwork panels is smooth and even, eliminating the need for additional painting or decoration. It can be directly used for concrete pouring, resulting in a consistent, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the building surface.

In summary, aluminum formwork is widely used in the construction of various building structures and concrete pouring due to its advantages such as lightweight and high strength, easy processing and assembly, high efficiency and energy-saving, durability and reliability, safety and environmental protection, and aesthetic effect. As a result, it brings many conveniences and economic benefits to the construction industry.

aluminium formwork panels production process

As a professional aluminium formwork manufacturer in China, our company is equipped with advanced aluminium extrusion equipment, aluminium punching machine, and complete quality inspection equipment domestically and internationally. We have established a sound ISO quality management and quality assurance system, together with a sophisticated production management software system and the most advanced and powerful aluminium formwork design software system in the industry, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and leading level in the industry.

Our aluminium formwork system for sale have both competitive pricing and quality advantages, that is why many foreign aluminium formwork companies also purchase from us. We have sold our aluminium formworks to many countries such as Ethiopia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, etc. And we have also received positive feedback from customers.

● After-sales service

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    Technical Services

    Shengzuo Aluminium formwork manufacturer provide professional installation guidance services, including training for installation workers, technical briefing, and on-site guidance. We actively assist installation personnel in solving difficult problems during aluminium formwork construction.

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    Secondary matching services

    We have established a standardized aluminium formwork system, in which 80% of the formwork for sale is standard version and 20% is non-standard version. We provide secondary matching services, which can provide convenient services for the next use of 80% standard formwork for sale.

  • aluminium formwork refurbishment

    Used Formwork Recycling

    formwork manufacturers provide services such as old-for-new replacement, formwork refurbishment, and formwork recycling.