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Commerce Building Concrete Formwork Aluminium Project

concrete formwork construction

● project description:

The Commerce Building in Zhangshu City is located at the intersection of Yancheng Road and Yaodudao Avenue. It consists of two high-rise towers and an underground parking garage. The total construction area of the project is 119,061.27m2, with 28 above-ground floors. The first to fourth floors are designated for commercial use, with a height of 4.8m for the ground floor and 4.2m for the second and third floors. Starting from the fourth floor, each subsequent floor follows the standard layout with a construction area of 23,358m2. The overall height of the building is 99.80m. The underground parking garage encompasses a single floor with a height of 5 meters. The basement structure is of a frame core type, designed to withstand an earthquake intensity of 6 degrees. Taking into account the unique characteristics of this project, as well as factors such as construction quality, project timeline, and economic benefits, it is important to optimize the efficiency of resources, including concrete formwork construction, labor, and equipment utilization. In particular, improving the accuracy and quality of concrete structures is crucial. As a result, the project team has decided to utilize concrete formwork aluminium for the standard floors (from the fifth floor and above), while concrete formwork wood will be employed for the first to fourth floors and the basement.

● aluminium concrete formwork definitions

Concrete formwork aluminium is a commonly used construction formwork material made of aluminium alloy. It has widespread application in building projects and offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, concrete formwork aluminium allows for fast construction, saving both time and costs. Additionally, after removal, advanced concrete surfaces achieved using concrete formwork aluminium are smooth and require no additional refinishing procedures, further reducing costs. Moreover, concrete formwork aluminium is environmentally friendly, as it helps conserve wood resources and aligns with the country's energy-saving and emission reduction policies. Furthermore, concrete formwork aluminium is lightweight yet has high load-bearing capacity, making construction easy and maintenance costs low. Moreover, concrete formwork aluminium is reusable, allowing for increased turnover and further enhancing cost-effectiveness. In developed countries and emerging industrial nations, concrete formwork aluminium has been widely embraced and has become a trend in the construction industry. After a thorough evaluation, We decided to adopt aluminium advanced concrete technology for construction, aiming to improve construction quality and enhance competitiveness.

● Features of aluminium concrete formwork for sale

1. aluminium concrete formwork for sale is composed of formwork system, support system, fastening system, and accessory system.
The formwork system forms the enclosed surfaces required for concrete structure construction, ensuring the formation of the building structure during concrete pouring. The accessory system serves as the connecting components for concrete formwork blocks, allowing them to connect and form a cohesive system.
The support system plays a supporting role during concrete structure construction, ensuring the stability of the floor, beam bottoms, and cantilever structures. The fastening system is responsible for maintaining the desired width dimensions of the template structure, preventing occurrences of concrete formwork blowouts and deformations during the concrete pouring process.

2. aluminium concrete formwork for sale combines several independent systems, including concrete formwork hardware, concrete formwork and shoring, into one integrated system, allowing for one-time pouring.

concrete formwork design

3. By utilizing aluminium formwork for oversite concrete, construction can progress at a rate of one floor every 3-4 days. This is achieved through the use of a main formwork system, three sets of floor bottom supports, three sets of beam bottom supports, and six sets of cantilever structure bottom supports. Such an approach greatly enhances the turnover rate and efficiency of aluminium concrete formwork for sale, resulting in reduced material and construction costs.

4. aluminium concrete formwork suppliers conduct detailed design and on-site assembly trials based on the construction drawings before transporting the components to the construction site. This approach allows for the resolution of any potential issues in the factory, resulting in significant improvements in construction speed and accuracy.

5. aluminium concrete formwork for sale has a long lifespan and can be reused up to 300 times. Moreover, it has a high recycling value, which enhances its practicality and cost-effectiveness when considering the overall expenses of aluminium concrete formwork.

● aluminium concrete formwork construction requirements

1. Setting out: It is required to measure the wheel line, sideline, and 30 control line of the wall and column and clearly mark them. Check whether the steel bars on the wall are within the sidelines, and leave a corresponding protective layer.
2. Using a level, the flatness of the concrete surface is measured to ensure it remains within a tolerance of 8mm. If it exceeds this range, appropriate measures such as shaving or chiseling will be taken to achieve a level surface. Failing to do so may result in leakage of the grout when pouring concrete using aluminium concrete formwork.
3. Before using aluminium concrete formwork for construction, it is necessary to chisel the surface of the already poured concrete at construction joints to expose the stones and ensure thorough cleaning.
4. Before starting the aluminium concrete formwork construction, it is important to apply the concrete formwork release agent evenly. To prevent excessive flow of the concrete formwork release agent onto the ground, only the upper half of the concrete formwork aluminium is coated, allowing the lower half to flow freely and achieve uniform coverage. It is strictly prohibited to use used engine oil as a coating on the surface of the concrete formwork aluminium. (concrete formwork release agent: QL-6000, a water-based aluminium concrete formwork release agent).

5. When welding the positioning bars for the wall body, the following requirements must be met:
① Positioning steel bars are required at the ends and corners of the wall. The diameter of the positioning steel bars must not be smaller than 10mm, and the horizontal spacing should not exceed 450mm.
② Support should be set along the vertical direction at a spacing of 900mm at the end of the shear wall to ensure the cross-sectional dimensions of the shear wall.
③ The joint layer between concrete formwork wood and concrete formwork aluminium, such as external walls, light wells, elevator shafts, etc., must have a reference line marked and reinforced with positioning steel bars piles to support the concrete formwork aluminium.

● aluminium concrete formwork construction process

Setting-out→wall column steel bar binding-acceptance→aluminium concrete formwork installation→beam slab steel bar binding-acceptance→concrete pouring→aluminium concrete formwork removal

Based on the layout plan, it is necessary to designate an area for stacking aluminium concrete formwork materials. As the first batch of aluminium concrete formwork materials quantity is relatively large, it is recommended to widen the stacking area accordingly. Prior to installing the aluminium concrete formwork, it is essential to ensure that the reinforcement for the columns and walls has been fully tied and has passed the inspection. Unlike concrete formwork wood construction, the installation of aluminium concrete formwork cannot be carried out simultaneously with the work of steel bars. Therefore, the aluminium concrete formwork can only be installed after the completion of tying steel bars for columns and walls. Once the installation of aluminium concrete formwork is finished, the next step is to tie the steel reinforcements for beams and slabs.

● aluminium concrete formwork details:

1. Concrete formwork tools are simple and easy to use, making concrete formwork alignment convenient. The assembly process is straightforward, and they can be operated with ease, without requiring advanced technical skills. Moreover, the joints between the concrete formwork boards are tight, effectively preventing issues such as concrete leakage and misalignment.

tools needed for concrete formwork

2. concrete formwork supports:The adjustment point of concrete formwork supports is situated in the middle of the vertical poles for easy access and operation. It enables both rough and precise adjustments of house concrete slab formwork, providing greater flexibility and accuracy in the process.

concrete formwork steel stakes

3. Quick removing system: The quick remodeling system of lightweight concrete formwork allows for faster removal, increasing turnover rates. Usually, it can be dismantled within 24 hours.

concrete formwork removal time aci

4. concrete formwork braces:Concrete formwork braces are installed on the floor slab, providing stability and convenience. The central screw allows for effective adjustment of the verticality of concrete formwork round.

concrete formwork liners

5. Electric hoist : By using an electric hoist for reinforcement, we can effectively maintain the vertical alignment and smoothness of the wall pillars. This approach is easy and convenient for workers to handle.

concrete formwork house

6. formwork for concrete stairs landing:The formwork for concrete stairs landing is entirely enclosed with concrete formwork aluminium, with an observation port left at the bottom to ensure consistent dimensions and overall appearance of the staircase, resulting in a very pleasing visual effect.

concrete stair formwork design

7. concrete formwork box:Concrete formwork box is primarily used to transfer concrete formwork components, with the opening edges designed with a sloping surface that is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom to facilitate subsequent sealing.

concrete formwork box

8. concrete formwork release agent: The concrete formwork release agent is employed to effectively reduce sticking. Using a water-based concrete formwork release agent ensures a visually appealing quality of the concrete surface and facilitates easy separation of concrete and formwork during the dismantling process.

concrete formwork release agent bunnings

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