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Aluminium Formwork Advantages And Disadvantages

aluminium formwork advantages and disadvantages

Aluminum formwork is a construction formwork made of processed aluminum profiles, based on the main frame and reinforcement ribs. It has the characteristics of good compressive strength, lightweight, good sealing performance, repeatability, etc. In comparison with other types of construction formwork, advantages of aluminium formwork are obvious. Replacing traditional wooden formwork improves construction efficiency, reduces costs, and promotes the concept of green environmental protection.

● Aluminium formwork advantages

1. Excellent compressive performance: aluminium formwork has high density, strong structural strength, good surface flatness, and can withstand loads of up to 60kN/m². It can also meet complex building structures and requirements.
2. Weight: Aluminium formwork Compared with traditional formwork, aluminium formwork weight is only about 1/3, which is convenient for handling and assembly.
3. Good sealing performance: The surface treatment adopts coating technology to effectively prevent the phenomenon of water seepage on the surface of the concrete.
4. Cycles times: After reasonable maintenance, aluminium formwork cycles times more than 200 times, which greatly reduces construction costs.

aluminium formwork advantages

5. Good corrosion resistance: aluminium formwork material has good corrosion resistance and can be used in adverse climate environments.

6. High surface flatness and precision: The aluminum profile processing accuracy is high, the section size is accurate, and it is not easy to deform, which can ensure construction quality.

7. Wide application range: aluminium formwork construction is suitable for the construction of various construction structures, such as high-rise construction, single-storey villas, double-storey villas, commercial constructions, bridges, tunnels, etc.

8. Simple installation and dismantling: The installation and removal are simple, the technical requirements for workers are not high, and after simple technical guidance, they can be operated, which can solve the problem of shortage of technical workers on site.

9. Short construction period: Using a fast demolition formwork system can greatly save the management cost of the contracting unit, and also shorten the construction period and improve construction efficiency.

Aluminium formwork is a new type of building construction formwork that is worth promoting and using, with advantages such as high strength, good stability, high surface flatness, short construction period, multiple repetitions of use, and environmental protection.

aluminium formwork panels

● Disadvantage of aluminium formwork

aluminium formwork system disadvantages

aluminium formwork panels have many advantages as a new type of building material, but there are also certain disadvantages.

1. Higher initial investment: Aluminium formwork panels compared to traditional formwork, the price of aluminium formwork is higher, and there is a large initial investment in aluminium formwork panels, in the initial stage required enough budget.

2. Complex maintenance. Maintenance is also required during the use of aluminium formwork panels, such as rust prevention treatment and surface coating maintenance, otherwise, it may affect their service life.

As a new construction formwork, aluminum formwork has advantages such as high reuse times, good stability, and high surface flatness, which can improve construction efficiency and reduce construction costs. However, the initial investment is relatively high and maintenance can be complex. Therefore, the decision to use aluminum formwork should be made based on a comprehensive consideration of factors such as investment, benefits, reliability, and maintenance.

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