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Shengzuo Group is a professional manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aluminium formwork china. We have advanced production equipment and technology, dedicated to providing reliable, safe, and efficient aluminium formwork solutions.

Firstly, our factory is well-equipped with modern production lines and processing equipment, capable of meeting the production of aluminium formwork panels in different specifications and requirements. We utilize high-quality aluminium alloy materials and employ precise processing techniques and strict quality control to ensure that our products possess excellent strength, stability, and durability.

Secondly, we emphasize research and development as well as innovation to continuously modify the design and structure of aluminium formwork, optimizing the aluminium formwork manufacturing process to cater to different construction needs. We offer a variety of sizes and types of aluminium formwork, such as aluminium wall formwork, aluminium formwork beams, aluminium formwork bracket, etc., which can be widely applied in the fields of building construction, bridges, tunnels, and other engineering projects.

Furthermore, our factory places great importance on quality control and strictly adheres to the ISO9001 quality management system to ensure that each batch of T6061 aluminium formwork material complies with relevant standards and requirements. We conduct comprehensive quality inspections and testing, including material inspection, dimensional accuracy measurement, load-bearing performance testing, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of our products.

Lastly, we have an experienced and professional team consisting of research and development engineers, technical personnel, and sales service representatives. We are committed to providing comprehensive technical support and after-sales services to our customers, including design consultation, construction guidance, and problem-solving, to ensure a smooth utilization of our aluminium formwork panels.

aluminium formwork
aluminium formwork

● Drawing design for aluminium formwork panels

Our company has a dedicated aluminium formwork drafting department that is committed to assisting customers in transforming their design concepts and plans for aluminium formwork panels into detailed drawings and construction blueprints. Prior to production, our professional designers conduct aluminium formwork design to ensure that the products meet customer requirements and can be efficiently implemented.

1.Drawing the floor plan diagram: Using CAD software, our designers create a clear and detailed floor plan based on the dimensions and structural design of aluminium formwork panels. The floor plan accurately depicts key elements such as the outline, dimensions, and perforations of the aluminium formwork panels

aluminium formwork design

2. Drawing the cross-sectional diagram: Based on different structural designs, cross-sectional views are created. The cross-sectional view should display the internal structure, levels, and features of the aluminium formwork building, facilitating understanding and manufacturing.

3. Drawing the assembly diagram: For aluminium formwork components that require assembly, assembly diagrams are created to illustrate the connection methods and relationships between various parts. Detailed information such as aluminium formwork accessories, connectors, and welding points are annotated in the assembly diagram to ensure accuracy and reliability of the assembly.

4. Dimensioning and annotation: Key dimensions, tolerances, and other necessary dimensional information are marked on the drawings to ensure manufacturing accuracy. Annotations and legends are also added to explain, facilitating understanding and usage for readers.

5. Drawing aluminium formwork details: For critical areas or complex details of the aluminium formwork, detailed drawings can be created to clearly demonstrate and explain. The detailed drawings highlight the shape, dimensions, connection methods, and other details of specific parts, ensuring the accuracy of relevant processes.

When conducting aluminium formwork design, it is necessary to consider specific manufacturing processes and requirements to ensure the feasibility and producibility of the design. Communication with manufacturers and designers enables appropriate adjustments and optimizations based on actual circumstances.

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● Processing area for aluminium formwork

The aluminium formwork manufacturing process includes several steps, such as profile cutting, punching and welding, QC inspection, and spraying. The factory is divided into multiple areas, including cutting area, forming and processing area, welding area, spraying area, etc., each specializing in its corresponding process flow.
These processes require high technical expertise and experience, and precise equipment and tools are required. Reasonable layout and management of the aluminium formwork processing area can improve production efficiency and product quality.

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◆cutting area
Cutting is the process of cutting aluminium material into the desired dimensions and shapes according to design requirements using cutting equipment. This step is crucial in the aluminium formwork manufacturing process as it directly affects the quality and accuracy of the final product.

◆ Forming and processing area

aluminium formwork manufacturing process

Forming and processing are important processes in the aluminium formwork manufacturing process, where aluminium material is gradually transformed into the desired shape using punch presses or drilling machines. This process includes various processing methods such as punching, embossing, stretching, and bending.

The forming and processing process requires the selection of suitable equipment and molds based on specific design requirements. During the operation, processing parameters are adjusted according to the characteristics of the aluminium material and processing requirements to ensure accuracy and quality in forming.

aluminium formwork welding

◆ Welding area
Welding is the process of joining two or more aluminium formwork profiles together using heat. Welding allows aluminium materials to form larger and more complex structures, achieving strong connections and assemblies, and is commonly used in the manufacturing of various structures and components. However, it is important to carefully select appropriate welding techniques and parameters while ensuring welding quality and safety to ensure that the aluminium formwork system has excellent strength and durability after welding.

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◆ Spray coating area
In the production process of aluminium formwork panels, the surfaces require treatment through spray coating, this process mainly includes spraying and curing. By applying surface spray coating, excellent corrosion resistance and aesthetic effects can be achieved. The protective layer formed by the spray coating can prevent damage such as oxidation, corrosion, and scratches, thereby extending the service life. Additionally, spray coating provides a wide range of color options to meet various requirements, this allows aluminium formwork panels to be widely used in industries such as industrial manufacturing, and construction.

● warehouse area for formwork for aluminium

The warehouse area is a dedicated space for storing completed formwork for aluminium. The design and management of this area are crucial to preserving the integrity and quality of the finished products. We provide sufficient space to ensure the appropriate distance between the products, facilitating storage and retrieval. A well-planned layout and spacing can reduce collisions and scratches, thereby preventing potential damages.

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● installation area for Aluminium formwork

Prior to the aluminium formwork installation, a 1:1 trial assembly is conducted at the factory. In the trial assembly process, except for certain nails and wedges that may not need to be installed, all other aluminium formwork components (including formwork, diagonal braces, embedded parts, steel cross braces, columns, feeding ports, and tension rods. Users can click on "aluminium formwork components" to view the descriptions and applications of the components.) should be fully assembled according to the design requirements.

Inspection and acceptance of aluminium formwork should be carried out before on-site implementation. Based on the inspection findings, corresponding adjustments, and improvements are required to ensure the quality and safety of the system meet the requirements. Once rechecking is qualified, all parties should sign to confirm their agreement, indicating no objections to the assembly and acceptance of the aluminium formwork system. During the on-site implementation process, construction personnel should follow the predetermined construction plan, ensuring assembly is conducted in the correct sequence and manner, avoiding any errors or omissions.
Additionally, construction personnel should pay attention to the anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment of the aluminium formwork system to prolong its service life and ensure stability and reliability of the system.

During the aluminium formwork installation process, factory trial assembly is necessary to verify the accuracy and completeness of the assembly. Moreover, strict on-site implementation requirements and quality control measures are indispensable to ensure the quality and safety of the aluminium formwork system.

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● packaging area for formwork for aluminium

To ensure the safety of formwork for aluminium during transportation and storage, a series of measures need to be taken to protect the formwork from damage, contamination, and deformation.

1. After successful trial assembly and acceptance, it is necessary to number the formwork components and provide appropriate packaging. The numbering helps in identifying and organizing the components, ensuring that they are operated in accordance with the on-site installation sequence. Proper packaging can prevent the formwork from being affected by external factors such as impact, compression, and friction during transportation and storage.

2. During transportation, it is essential to promptly deliver the aluminium formwork components to the project site according to the schedule and deployment. It is crucial to ensure that the components are protected from jolts and vibrations during transportation, thereby avoiding any damage or deformation to the formwork.

3. During the formwork receiving process, it is crucial to carefully inspect according to the aluminium formwork checklist to ensure that the quantity and quality of all materials meet the requirements.Special attention should be given to aluminium formwork components with specific requirements, focusing on their quality and specifications, and keeping records and tracking information.Furthermore, it is important to plan the storage area properly to avoid material loss and confusion, which helps to improve work efficiency.

4. Prior to commencing aluminium formwork installation, all personnel involved must undergo relevant safety technical training and be provided with comprehensive written materials for reference. The training should cover safe usage methods of the formwork, procedures for assembly and disassembly, and proper utilization of fasteners, among others. Detailed construction tutorials and acceptance guidelines can be found in the article "Aluminium Formwork Construction and Acceptance Standard." This ensures that the operators possess the necessary knowledge and skills, enhancing safety and productivity throughout the construction process.

By implementing the aforementioned measures, the safety of formwork for aluminum can be ensured during transportation and storage. Proper packaging and transportation measures, clear material receiving and storage planning, and comprehensive safety technical training are all crucial aspects in ensuring the integrity of formwork for aluminum.

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